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Fortinet NSE 1 – Quiz 5

Fortinet NSE 1 – Quiz 5

1. What do you call an unsolicited email message that masquerades as coming from a legitimate sender, and attempts to get you to disclose sensitive information or click on a link?
2. Why is it a security problem if you use the same password for all the systems and websites you use?
3. Two-factor authentication uses the combination of “something you know” with which other element?
4. If a vendor or website offers two-factor authentication, what is the recommended action?
5. What is the recommendation for passwords on all the systems and websites that you use?
6. What percentage of malware is distributed by email?
7. What tool can you use to help “remember” all your passwords?
8. Why is it risky to keep using an operating system that is no longer supported or updated?
9. When you receive an unsolicited email, what should you do if it has an attachment?
10. Open the attachment to learn how to make money online.



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