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Fortinet NSE 1 – Quiz 4

Fortinet NSE 1 – Quiz 4

1. A CFO’s responsibility is to manage financial risk, and that covers which other element?
2. Being trustworthy with customer data is now a part of which outcome?
3. How does a CFO treat intangible assets such as intellectual property, trade secrets, manufacturing methods, and the information about customers?
4. Looking into the past, a CFO will create which kind of reports?
5. Since it uses information from every corner of the business, what does a company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system require to help the CFO understand what’s happening now, and plan for the future?
6. What are the consequences if a CFO’s reports are not accurate?
7. What does a CFO rely on to create forecasts of what will happen to the company in the future?
8. What is the primary responsibility of a CFO?
9. What poses one of the greatest risks to the financial value of a company’s information assets?
10. What role does a CFO play in new business initiatives, product launches and/or new service offerings?



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