About Us

What We Do

Uakademi ‘brand-independent’ and ‘complete’ end-to-end solutions and services include :

  • Corporate telecommunication, internet and data center management
  • WAN/LAN system integrations
  • Structural cabling and professional system room solutions
  • Call center optimization solutions
  • Server,Virtualization,Information Storage and BackUp Solutions
  • Software development and application solutions
  • Internet and software security solutions


  • 2017 – Mikrotik Master Distributor
  • 2017 – Mikrotik Academy
  • 2017 – Mikrotik Certified Consultant
  • 2018 – Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center


By following the developments in the IT sector closely, by understanding the needs of our corporate customers, to increase their productivity, to produce solutions in a permanent cooperation and to develop projects that can be developed by following these solutions and making them suitable for high-quality and cost-effective developing technologies.


our company with our employees to develop the corporate companies that we are connected to today’s network to adapt to the technology after adapting to the current technology as a company always stay up to date

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